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Not An Echo Creative's Ultimate Wishlist

Let’s be honest… The holiday season always sneaks up on us no matter how many times we say, “This year, I am going to get all of my Christmas shopping done early."

Don’t feel bad though. Not An Echo Creative has your back, baby! We have something for everyone. ;)

We understand that buying for that special person can be hard and inspo can be low. 

Here at Not An Echo, we have compiled our “wishlists” to help on the inspiration side of holiday shopping! 

If you’re reading this, you are probably much like NAEC and are out of the box thinkers, so this list is for you! We hope you enjoy our wishlist and find what you are looking for: 

  • Glass Tupperware 

Micro-plastics are everywhere! You can avoid them by using glass tupperware. Glass tupperware is so much easier to clean and doesn’t grow bacteria! 

  • Sidecar coffee gift card 

A sidecar coffee gift card or any local coffee shop gift card is a great gift for any coffee fanatic. 

Nothing is more annoying than a hot coffee getting cold. Keep this slight annoyance from happening with a desk coffee cup warmer to keep your coffee warm throughout the work day.

Anyone who spends time on a computer could benefit from one of these bad boys!

Most computers are touchscreen– when it comes to creating and designing, a touchscreen pen is a MUST.

  • 365 Devotional Book 

2024 is going to be the year of growth. Practice religion and want to feel more at peace and closer to God? This is the book for you. Don't practice religion and want to feel peaceful and grounded? Find any journaling book that fits all of your needs.

  • Espresso Maker 

Save money in 2024 and make whatever kind of latte you fancy!

Don’t let the busyness of life keep anyone from reaching their goals! This 52 week To-Do List Calendar is perfect for making sure we stay on track this year!

Instead of wasting paper after paper or accumulating tons of GB on Google Drive with quick notes, jot it down quick on the whiteboard and wipe it when done. 

  • Sewing Machine

A sewing machine, a cook book, paint materials, whatever it may be-- The materials needed to pick up a hobby make for the perfect gift.

  • Home Decor

Make a home uniquely yours with some new decor that fits its vibe. 

  • Vinyl Records

Retro, baby. Vinyl is BACK.

  • Books

Let’s get smart in the new year. ;) Reading is powerful.

  • Visa Giftcard

This versatile gift is ideal for anyone, offering the flexibility for the recipient or the gift giver to obtain exactly what they desire.

Now that you have some ideas, let your creative juices flow and think outside the box. At Not An Echo, we value uniqueness and the power of creativity. No matter what you choose, we are sure your gift will make a lasting impact.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

P.S. Don't forget to enter our Not An Echo Essentials Christmas Giveaway! Winner will be announced on December 22, 2023!

-NAEC Team

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