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How Do Fonts and Colors Affect Perception in Design?

I am not sure about you, but certain fonts just do not do it for me. You can ask Hailee, the CEO and Founder of Not An Echo Creative, I am a Times New Roman girly through and through. Get out of here with that Arial and Calibri. And do not get me started on Comic Sans…

So maybe fonts don’t evoke emotions from you, but colors might. That said– if you are like me and have aversions and inclinations towards certain fonts (or colors), there’s a real scientific reason…. (Did I hear someone say women in STEM?)

It has to do with something called “font psychology” and “color psychology.”

Font psychology is the study of different fonts and how they influence human emotions and behaviors. Color psychology is the study of how colors influence the consumers’ impression of a brand. As a branding and marketing company, we have compiled what we think you need to know about fonts and colors when it comes to branding:


There are two main typeface/font categories that brands fall in. The categories are:

  • Serif fonts

  • Often described as classic, elegant, formal, and romantic

  • Examples of serif fonts: Times New Roman, EB Garamond, Baskerville, Georgia, Courier New

  • What it says about your brand: traditional, trustworthy, established, and reliable

  • Great for traditional and formal businesses. Think law and finance 

  • Sans-serif fonts

  • Often described as modern, clean, minimal, and friendly 

  • Examples of sans-serif fonts: Arial, Helvetica, Proxima Nova, Futura 

  • What it says about your brand: modern, minimalist, and fun

  • Great for startups and other entrepreneurial ventures. Think creative. Think Not An Echo Creative ;)

As the years go on, brands are constantly changing and rebranding. Often, fonts are the first part of a big rebrand. Currently, sans-serif fonts are IN (even if I say otherwise). 

Bottomline, keep your audience and vibe in mind when choosing a font. At the end of it all, choose the font that fits you and your brand best. 


Much like fonts, colors can also represent different adjectives and evoke specific emotions. Brands need to know and understand what their colors could represent to their customers. Brand colors can increase brand recognition by 80%. In today’s world, it’s all about their branding. Personally, I know I have bought something just because the branding was “cute”. Need further proof? According to an article written by Sproutworth, 73% of consumers are more inclined to purchase from brands with high-quality visual content. 

Since I know our readers are busy change-makers doing their thing, I have created a quick color chart with a list of adjectives that are typically associated with that color. Check it out! 

Again, keeping your audience and vibe in mind when choosing a color is crucial to building your brand. Colors are a lot harder to switch in a rebranding process because you risk losing brand recognition. Be as it may, don’t forget to choose something that feels like you and your brand. 

So if you’re thinking about creating a brand, keep Not An Echo Creative in mind. We’d love to help you figure out your perfect color and font combination

Your digital marketing specialist,

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