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Branding Trends for Growth and Success in 2024

After everything we all have been through in the past few years, it feels safe to say that 2024 is the year for growth and success! 

Lucky for you, we have done some research, and here are some branding and marketing trends we advise researching yourself and utilizing to solidify your personal and professional growth and success: 

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

In this day and age, it is important to work with technology and not against it. AI can seem scary, but it is crucial to learn how to use it. AI is a great research outlining tool and great for data processing.

If you have an idea or need to spark some imagination, try giving AI a prompt. But remember, AI is not a 100% end-all, be-all, reliable tool. It is smart to check other sources after receiving information from AI. It is still relatively new and often not up-to-date on current events and trends.

Another key point (that will be mentioned further in this post) is to remember to keep it authentic. While it is easy and tempting to copy what AI says word-for-word, remember to make content your own and give it the extra human touch every piece of content needs and deserves.

Social media will continue to be used as a search engine

Be honest- how many times have you opened up a social media platform, tapped the search icon, and put in a few keywords or even a full sentence of what you want to know more about? Don't lie! We all do it!

The great part about social media being used as a search engine? It's a win-win for both the viewers and the content creators thanks to SEO. Hashtags on social media are SEO. When using hashtags as SEO, remember to keep them simple, brief, specific, and relevant to the topic.

Speaking of social media, let's talk creator style videos

YouTube brought us vlogs and since then, we have never gone back. In 2024, you will be seeing a lot more creator-style videos. When we say creator-style videos, think FaceTime. Viewers across the board will be looking for videos that make you feel like you're on FaceTime.

This is mostly because everyone values authenticity. These types of videos are more intimate and do not make the viewer feel like just a viewer. This also makes the content more easily digested and better understood.

Check out an example of this type of video on our Instagram.

Perfect your brand

Recognition, trust, loyalty. Say it again- recognition, trust, loyalty.

These three words are a necessity for having a successful brand. By perfecting your brand, you are in turn making it more recognizable, trusting to consumers, and evoking loyalty. 2024 is the year of growth, and there is no better way to grow your business than perfecting your brand.

These are just a few of the trends we will definitely be using to our advantage this year! Let us know your thoughts and what you expect to see this year!

Your Digital Marketing Specialist,

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