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How does the design of your website reflect in your traffic analytics? Should you hire a designer?

Some people may wonder, "Why should I spend my hard-earned money on a website revamp or should I just make one myself?" Well, here is why -->

59% of people are more likely to visit a well-designed website (Adobe)...Let that sink in...59%

Over half of the population is more in favor of a well-designed website than one that looks like it is out of the 80s.

There are many components that go into the way your website design enhances user experience and retention. UX (user experience) is the science of anticipating and providing satisfaction for the users of a website. A couple of ways that you can see this be done is through;

  1. Website Flow - the way the website sections are organized in a fashion that is digestible to the consumer.

  2. Brand Identity - your brand identity should be prevalent on your website. We are talking down to the same color skews & the same fonts -- even to the same verbiage

  3. Hero Design - the hero, also known as the header, design is the first thing that your consumers will see. This needs to capture your brand's colors, mission and meaning while grabbing the attention of your audience's attention.

  4. Clarity - the design is so important to your site as it enhances the user experience but the design goes beyond colors and elements. Your words should be clear and on brand. Your homepage needs to grab your user's attention in 10 seconds -- you better work fast!

  5. Tabs - Oh goodness the tabs. Mapping out your site can help eliminate the issue of creating too many tabs and an unorganized website. I have run across many websites with confusing tag names or 10-12 tabs on one header. This is a lot for the user to digest and may lead them to turn back around in their search journey.

If your consumer makes it down to the bottom of your site's page, that user should know exactly what you do, how to find you, and why they should partner with you.

"So if there are templates online why can't I just buy those?"

-- You might be asking yourself this question as well. Think about this, just like if you were to put on press on nails. Sally Hansen comes in great when you are 20 mins away from your cousin's wedding & you are just trying to hide your nail-biting issue you have had since the 1st grade. But if you want long-lasting, well-polished, and well-manicured nails, you are more than willing to pay the extra money to get them done.

You CAN buy the templates and you CAN use the free templates but without the proper training and organization, you will waste a month trying to write the content, design the hero, and make sure you have every detail of your services covered. Seeking someone to create your dream site in a small amount of time is worth the cost. Your website design matters & so do your business goals.

Your Designer,

Hey friends - thank you for checking out today's blog! We love having you here today! Make sure to check us out on Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn to stay connected with Not An Echo Creative daily!

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