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Brand Consistency Equals Trust: Does Your Brand Display Trust?

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Let me set the scene…

You walk into the mall and you are trying to decide where you want to shop to buy your next pair of leggings. You come to a point in the mall where Under Armour is on one side of the walkway and Lululemon is on the other side. You know that at Under Armour you are going to spend half as much and it is still a trustworthy brand. What store are you going to pick? What makes you inclined to buy that brand?

While Under Armour could give you the same effect as Lululemon can and you can save 50% on your purchase there is something that makes you inch closer to the Lululemon store. What is this that is grabbing your attention? Now think of this. Did you know that Lululemon leggings cost a whole $5 to make? So how does Lulu convince us to pay the $90+ markup? The answer is…Brand Consistency & Trust.

Brand consistency and trust boil down to the art of being able to get in front of your consumer with a consistent brand identity and become memorable. From the example, Lululemon, you know them by their bags, their red color, and their legging logo. Because their brand is so well recognized and easy to spot they can pull the $60 legging buyer just out of curiosity into their store. The ability to recognize and remember the Lulu brand makes consumers more inclined to consider their products in future purchases. The trusted following allows them to charge $98-$140 for a pair of leggings.

Next time you are thinking, “Well is it worth it if I hire someone to just focus on revamping my brand’s look, color, feel, personality, and most importantly consistency?”…the answer is YES. You could go from the $60 brand to the $100 brand all because your company is trusted and recognizable. Make your brand sell itself.

And remember, consistency is key.

For more information on how Not An Echo Creative can help your brand achieve the consistent recognition it deserves please click this button below.

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