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SDSU Construction Management Recruitment Landing Page

Project type

Landing Page






3 days

Client Objectives

The primary goal of this project was to provide prospective students with an immediate and comprehensive understanding of the Construction Management major at SDSU. The landing page acted as a virtual window into the program, offering key insights and information to capture the attention of potential students during recruitment events.

Key Features

Striking Visual Design: Implement a visually appealing design that aligns with SDSU's brand and captures the essence of Construction Management. Utilize high-quality images, graphics, and multimedia elements to create an engaging user experience.

Concise Overview: Provide a succinct yet comprehensive overview of the Construction Management major, highlighting key aspects such as curriculum, faculty, industry connections, and unique opportunities within the program.

Testimonials and Success Stories: Incorporate testimonials and success stories from current students or alumni to add a personal touch and demonstrate the real-world impact and achievements of those in the program.

Interactive Elements: Integrate interactive elements, such as sliders, buttons, and clickable features, to encourage exploration and engagement. These elements can guide visitors through different facets of the major.

Recruitment Event Information: Include details about upcoming recruitment events, conventions, and meet-ups where SDSU's Construction Management major will be represented. This ensures potential students are informed about opportunities to connect with the university in person.

Quick Contact Form: Facilitate communication by incorporating a quick contact form, allowing interested individuals to express their interest, ask questions, or request additional information directly from the landing page.

Responsive Design: Ensure the landing page is responsive and accessible across various devices, catering to the diverse preferences of potential students who may be accessing the information on smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

Link to Website

Not An Echo Creative was proud to have presented a specially crafted landing page designed to enhance South Dakota State University's (SDSU) Construction Management recruitment process. This dynamic digital platform served as a quick and engaging glimpse into the major for potential students attending conventions, booths, and meet-ups where SDSU was represented.

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