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CEO Hailee planning a brand.

To Stand Out in all the Noise, You Need


- Let your brand voice SHINE!

Investing in the right marketing and design elements is essential to creating an unbeatable brand. After all, this is your business - the product of your hard work and dedication. Make sure your voice, values, and aesthetic are unified across all channels to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd.

"I am ready to stand out from the crowd!"


Your business might be

facing right now...


You are frustrated with not having enough time to get your brand/business in front of your ideal clientele


You might be tired of working with large agencies that do not

value your passion for what you do thus not providing results

You are tired of reaching out to your current designer and not

receiving an email for weeks on end



You are paying through the roof for services that are under

done while your opinion is being undervalued 

- Hey there!

I am Hailee Merryman, the CEO & Founder of Not An Echo. Creative. This is a branding studio that helps your brand develop a consistent look and feel to become recognizable resulting in consumers who trust and value your business.

Do you know why people can remember a certain brand by a color or a slogan? It's because it has a consistent look & feel -- you KNOW that brand at first glance!

My love for a harmonious well designed brands has led me to work with and empower the dreams of the most amazing clients while developing some stellar projects! Allow me to work with you to create a brand that is a voice in its industry, not an echo. 

About NAEC

CEO Hailee Merryman walking


Of consumers prefer a well designed website




is our avg. email


of social media users utilize apps like Instagram to search for products

is the amount of revenue that will increase if your business is consistantly branded



How I can help...

During the process of designing your website, I will be using a web developer called WIX. Through WIX I will work to capture your brand's values, mission, and story through design. My goal is to create a virtual destination that your brand is proud of.

This package will consist of the listed items below along with giving you ownership rights, through WIX as soon as the process starts.

  • Custom Layout & Design

  • Mobile Design

  • Email Opt-In + Welcome Email

  • Social Media Connections

  • Foundational SEO

Website needs are dependent on the needs of our clients. We will be accommodating to your business's needs, this will reflect the end price of the project.



Brand Element - Black & White Swirl

The latest love...

"Guys. You HAVE to check out Hailee at Not An Echo. Creative for all your marketing and branding needs!! Hailee helped me turn my book into an Amazon BESTSELLER!! She took my vision for marketing my book and made it a REALITY!! She was very attentive to my needs and was never afraid to receive feedback. She was timely in her communication and gave me some ideas I had never thought about. If you are looking for someone who is HUNGRY and CAPABLE in meeting your creative needs, look no further than Hailee at Not An Echo. Creative. You will NOT be disappointed!!"

Dr. Jared Smith - Best Selling Author

CEO Hailee Merryman planning a brand

How does this sound?

What to expect while working with us...

More time to dedicate to your business and less time worrying about the small details.

Feel confident about what you put in front of your client's eyes.

Grow your email list into viewers/clients that like to hear what you have to say.

Create a marketing plan that truly works & brings in clients while spreading the word about your company.

Black Box


Donating & Supporting


Waterloo Schools Foundation Executive Director & Teachers

Not An Echo Creative has donated and committed to serving the Waterloo Schools. Community is so important to our mission & this is why we have chosen this organization as its main practice is to get the money out to the schools as soon as possible. 

Click the link below to learn more about WSF & its impact.

Waterloo Schools Student

Keep up with Not An Echo daily...

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